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Quality control

Production quality management of CJSC "SPA "Teplomash"
SPA "Teplomash" has created the most favourable conditions for high-quality production.
1.Modern high accuracy technological equipment which provides high production quality and helps to exclude the negative effects of the human factor.
2. Highly skilled personnel.
3. Quality control system based on the regulatory framework of Russian Federation and production process and quality control management instructions.
4. Constant quality monitoring based on processing and statistical data analysis of detected defects and their correction.
5. System of quality control at the final stage is implemented for components, assembly units and accessories.
Constant components operability, wiring and assembly checking.
6.Defected components are placed in the isolator and then sent to Guarantee repairs department for the final checking, repairs or disposal.
Thereby, 100% pre-production control is held.

Gladkiy Valeriy
Quality assurance manager of CJSC «SPA «Teplomash»


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